Saababarrel by Modis

Where is Saunabarrel by Modis® for sale?

* At 'Saunabarrel by Modis®' in Tielt by appointment (call or mail 0475 27 81 95 or The barrel sauna is set up in a realistic environment and on your visit we ensure that the sauna barrel is warmed up so you can enjoy the atmosphere of a cedar sauna.

* At 'Saunabarrel by Modis®' in Tielt on one of the open-garden days (announced by newsletter, on our site and our Facebook page).

* Requesting and / or ordering quotations is also possible via e-mail. 

* We also work together with a limited number of dealers at home and abroad.


Who takes care of the placement?

* You can purchase the sauna barrel as a self-assembly package and enjoy a self-build discount for that

 the managers take care of the placement of your sauna barbar (in Belgium but also in the Netherlands, France and Luxembourg, Austria, ...).

* 'Saunabarrel by Modis®' has already realized more than 1000 projects: 

        ** From the coast to the Limburg Peer;

        ** Normandy and Picardy (Northern France);

        ** Dordogne and Provence (South of France);

        ** Brittany (France);

        ** Paris (France);

        ** in Oëtz, Braunnau / Inn, ... (Austria);

        ** in Nieuwegein, Krimpen aan de lek, Westerhoven, Heerlen, Goutum, Gorredijk, Boskoop, ... (Netherlands);

        ** in Durbuy, Soy, Luxembourg, Marche-en-Famenne, Dochamps, ... (Wallonia - Ardennes).







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