Saababarrel by Modis

Strengths of a Saababarrel by Modis®

Experience and knowledge of business

Since 2004, 'Saunabarrel by Modis®' has been producing the barrel sauna in its own studio in West Flanders. As business managers we are not only producer and seller, but also frequent users of the wood-fired sauna barrel.

We sell and produce with knowledge. A number of our projects over the years can be found on the 'Realizations' page.

Belgian and handmade 

After ten years of activity, 'Saunabarrel by Modis®' received the HIB label recognized by Unizo. HIB stands for handmade in Belgium and guarantees our customers that 'Saunabarrel by Modis®' is a Belgian, traditional product with a correct price / quality ratio.

As a Belgian producer, we believe it is important to support local (Belgian) entrepreneurship wherever possible, which is why we purchase our raw materials from local (Belgian) suppliers.

Spacious sauna barrels

Our saunabarrels have a diameter of 217cm => benches are wide enough to lie and sit on comfortably.

The useful sauna space (= length of the benches) is the shortest sauna barrel 195cm, with our longer models at least 210cm so that there is enough lying and sitting comfort.

Your barrel sauna is a unique piece 

'Saunabarrel by Modis®' only works on order.

You can choose from different lengths and finishing details. This way you can create your own unique barrel sauna to create.

Production in our own workshop implies flexibility.

Canadian red cedar (= WRC, Western Red Cedar) or button-free thermowood.

Quality red cedar withstands all weather conditions and is a sustainable type of wood. In addition, red cedar naturally has a mild, pleasant smell and contains the campfer (= a soothing substance).

The cedar we use meets the Belgian quality standard (quality standards vary from country to country).

Knot-free thermowood offers, in contrast to thermowood in pine or pine wood, more than enough insulation, tighter appearance, longer life and a pleasant smell.

No maintenance works

Cedar and button-free thermowood are types of wood that do not require maintenance, after a while the sauna barrel will get a natural gray patina, making it one with its natural environment.

Mounting on the spot

'Saunabarrel by Modis®' will assemble your barrel sauna in your garden, on the terrace, ... on site. Our sauna barrel can therefore be placed anywhere without additional costs for taps, ...: you know exactly what the purchase of your sauna barrel costs. 

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