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Saunabarrel FAQ


Is a building permit required for the installation of a sauna barrel?

De sauna barrel is a garden ornament and is movable. Normally no building permit is required, but the regulations regarding distance to adjacent properties must be respected. 

Which wood and how much wood do you need if you opt for a wood-fired stove?

The wood-fired stove is similar to the creation of a fireplace or wood stove indoors.

We rest our saunabarrels off with a solid 16KW wood-fired stove that ensures efficient heating.

If you have dry and clean wood, you will need 15 10 wood logs per sauna session (15 minutes sauna, 6 minutes rest and another 7 minutes sauna). Do you wish the sauna to keep warm for a few hours, it is necessary to occasionally place a block of wood on the fire.

The wood-fired stove is just like an electric sauna heater equipped with stones, which once you have warmed the stove to increase the humidity.

How is the sauna barrel delivered?

The assembly of the barrel sauna is always done on site, that way we can deliver anywhere and no additional equipment such as a crane has to be hired.

What does one cost sauna barrel ?

The price depends on the length. Would you like a price list or a sample offer, please send an e-mail to

Mount sauna barrel?

Depending on its length, the sauna bar rest on 2 or 3 legs, where the legs touch the ground, we work with hardwood.

Anchoring in the ground is unnecessary, even in windy areas the construction will stand. Our smallest barrels soon weigh 700kg.

Ventilation of a barrel sauna?

Ventilation is provided in a discreet manner so that the stove can draw in air from outside. 

Fire safety of the wood-fired stove?

Saunabarrel by Modis® was advised by the fire brigade and only works with wood-fired stoves (brand Kastor) that have been CE-tested.










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