Saababarrel by Modis

What is a sauna barrel?

Saunabarrel by Modis® is a garden sauna in the form of a barrel (= ton). Because of the round shape, the heat does not accumulate in the corners. Saababarrels warmed up with a wood-fired sauna heater are half an hour 'sauna ready', an electric sauna heater it takes a little longer.

Because of its many positive qualities, 'Saunabarrel by Modis®' produces the barrel sauna in Canadian red cedar (= WRC). WRC is a sustainable wood, resistant to all weather and wind, spreads a pleasant aroma and requires no maintenance (paints, oils, ... is not necessary). Over time, the red cedar gets a gray patina and the barrel sauna becomes one with its natural environment.

The WRC we work with meets the Belgian quality standard for cedar (quotation - and therefore quality - differs from country to country) and has the FSC label.

Besides sauna cages in cedar we also produce barrel saunas in thermowood. Our strength is that the wood we leave thermoforming does not contain any knots and therefore provides sufficient insulation. The advantage of thermowood is that the sauna barrel is more watertight than in cedar, it has a long lifespan and after a while it gets a nice gray patina. 

The thermowood should not be treated like cedar.

The diameter of 217cm provides a surprisingly spacious feel and offers space for wide couches to be able to lie down and sit comfortably.

Saababarrels are available in different lengths: 210cm, 240cm, 270cm, 300cm, 330cm, 360cm and 420cm. The models from 270cm long can be equipped with a terrace, models from 360cm long can be equipped with a changing room. 

Customized adjustments such as additional windows on the front or rear wall, roof cover, extra high bench, ... can. The manager is responsible for the production of your sauna barrel.

Why a sauna barrel in the garden?

A garden sauna let yourself enjoy the sauna-bath avant la lettre.

The Finns, the sauna enthusiasts par excellence, traditionally build their saunas in the middle of nature on the shore of a lake. After a warm sauna, you immediately breathe in the fresh air and an invigorating dip in the ice-cold water. This is an idyllic performance, after a steamy sauna session one can outside shower of tilting bucket provide a pleasant cooling.

Every visit to one sauna is a form of training. Going through the sauna ritual in peace gives both body and mind a 'boost'. Using the sauna promotes blood circulation, increases resistance and makes the body clean and relaxed.

Outdoor saunas make the effect of a saunaturn even more intense because the heated body immediately comes into contact with the fresh air after sauna baths. With a cedar sauna barrel, the scent of the cedar provides a more intense sauna experience.

De barrel sauna means added value for those who installed a swimming pool or swimming pond in the garden. Using the sauna barrel heat up your body before swimming, which will allow you to enjoy your months more in the year swimming pool or swimming pond.

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