Saababarrel by Modis

Wie is Saunabarrel by Modis®?

Saunabarrel by Modis® is a Belgian (West Flemish) company that produces barrel saunas since 2004. The managers are responsible for both the production, the sales and the assembly on site. After 10 year activity we received from Unizo the 'Handmade in Belgium' label: a recognition that what we produce is traditional, solid and price / quality is correct.

You can also get to know us in Tielt from Monday to Saturday by appointment (0475 27 81 95). 

During your visit we make sure that the sauna barrel (wood-fired) is warmed up so that you can enjoy the atmosphere of a wood-fired cedar sauna.

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What does Saunabarrel by Modis® do?

We buy Canadian red cedar and process it in our joinery in Tielt into barrel saunas. In addition to these cedar outdoor saunas, we also produce barrel saunas in button-free thermowood.

Every sauna bar is made to order, so we give our customers total freedom of choice in terms of length, layout and finishing details.

We take care of both the production, cars for sale as mounting. Only in this way can we ensure that our customers are sufficiently informed and that a solid product is delivered. 

Do you want a sauna bar at your holiday home abroad? We (business managers) take care of the assembly on site and have already realized projects in the South of France (Dordogne, Provence, ...), Northern France (Normandy, Picardy, ...), the Netherlands (Goutum, Heerlen, ... ) and Austria. Also in our Belgian Ardennes are many holiday homes equipped with a barrel sauna (Soy, Dochamps, Durbuy, ...).

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