Saababarrel by Modis

Strengths of a hot tub by Modis®

The wood stove is in the water

Because the stove is in the water there is a relatively quick warming of the hot tub. 

Depending on the size, the warm-up time is 2 to 2,5 hours.

The stove is in aluminum

Aluminum is an ideal conductor of heat. Modis® therefore only uses heaters in aluminum.

The stoves are spacious enough to heat up the water well and efficiently.

Hottub by Modis® is made in Canadian red cedar (= WRC)

We make our hot tubs in WRC. WRC is durable, resistant to wind and weather, gives a pleasant aroma and should not be oiled or painted. The wood gets a gray patina after a while.

A hot tub is WRC remains leak free during 15 à 20 year. 

WRC (= Western Red Cedar) gives off an oil (no resin), making the water feel soft in the hot tub.

Round stainless steel straps, stainless steel ...

Construction on site

The Modis® team builds your hot tub on the spot, ie no crane work or other heavy equipment is required during the installation of your hot tub.

What about the water in the hot tub?

Because the water in the hot tub would stay fresh longer, we offer a number of customized adjustments (biological filtering, sand filter, ...).





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