Saababarrel by Modis

Hottub FAQ

Which surface is needed? 

Around the hot tub to place a paved and level surface is needed. Once you know which one hot tub you want to make places for you a technical plan.

Which wood and how much wood is needed to heat the hot tub?

De wood stove in the hot tub creation can be compared to creating a fireplace or a wood stove indoors.

The wood stove is a solid, custom made stove that ensures efficient heating hot tub.

If you have dry and clean wood, you will need 20 wood logs to heat the hot tub and you will 

2 à 2,5 firing hours before the hot tub has heat.

Due to heating up time, we have already heard other stories about burning 6 à 7 hours?

Yes, that is possible when working with heaters that get little efficiency or outside of the hot tub stand. 

How is the hot tub delivered?

The assembly of the hot tub is done on the spot, that way we can deliver anywhere and no additional material such as a crane has to be hired.

What about the water?

To keep the water fresh for longer, we offer a biological filtering or pump. These systems ensure that the water in the hot tub stays fresh longer and you do not have to constantly refresh the water.

What does a hot tub cost?

The price depends on the diameter and whether or not a pump is chosen. Would you like a price list or a sample offer, please send an e-mail to



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