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What is a hot tub?

De hot tub is a round wood fired outdoor pool. The wood-burning stove in the water ensures smooth heating. Our hot tubs are made of Canadian red cedar (= WRC). The cedar releases an oil and thus ensures a soft and skin-friendly water in the hot tub. A hot tub in WRC remains 'leak-free' for 15 to 20 years.

The under-water heater burns on dry, clean wood. It usually takes an 2 hour before the hot tub is ready for use (+/- 38 ° C). We offer various solutions for keeping the water fresh for longer. Hottubs are available in different diameters: 180cm, 210cm and 250cm. The height is 90cm. Your hot tub will be installed on site by us. If you are handy and you have sufficient hand tools, you can purchase the hot tub as a DIY kit.

A hot tub is a 'kitchen' bath and not a hot tub!

De hot tub is back-to-basic. It originated in the Arctic regions: the residents developed a wood-fired bath with limited resources to warm themselves up. The simplicity of the wood-fired hot tub brings counterweight is a world of smartphones, tablets and other high-tech gadgets. A wood-fired hot tub is a pure form of relaxation: no technology, no noise. Enjoyment starts with creating the fire and being busy outside. 

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