Saababarrel by Modis


Warm up and sweat

The sweating in the barrel sauna can not be compared to sweating at high summer temperatures. In the sauna you do not wear clothing, so
nothing rubs or sticks and that gives a feeling of a free-breathing skin. You take one for the sauna bath shower, so bacteria and unpleasant odors are removed.
So during a sauna session you perspire, but you do not 'stink'.

Cool and relax

Dompelton in Kambala wood with a lid and staircase.
A big advantage of the use of the sauna barrel in the summer is cooling down. Because the sauna bar is an outdoor sauna, you come after
the sauna session in the open air anyway. It is good for your blood circulation to walk outside after the sauna. In this way
cool completely and mildly. The fresh air also promotes the new supply of oxygen. Wonderfully refreshing afterwards is cold water (outdoor shower, tilting bucket, plunge pool, ...). The step to learn to cool properly is smaller in summer, because on a warmer day
this is right. Cooling after the use of the sauna barrel is important. You get a dose of new energy from the effect of the changing temperatures.
Who wants to go 'all the way' chooses after cooling off in the open air for a refreshing dip in the swimming pool or swimming pond.

Strengthen immune system

The large temperature differences during the sauna baths stimulate the production of the body's own antibodies. In addition, the repeated dilatation, narrowing and re-dilation of the blood vessels in the skin ensures a training of the body, so a weekly sauna session contributes to strengthening your immune system. Various studies show that people who regularly carry sauna bombs up to 30% are less cold and that they are less sensitive to temperature differences. An ideal protection so if you have a lot to do with air-conditioned rooms.

Positive boost for your mental health

A sauna clinic affects the release of various stress and happiness hormones. After using the barrel sauna you feel euphoric: relaxed, happy but at the same time alert. Especially right after the cooling-off phase you can experience a feeling of being 'disconnected from everyday worries'. The changing effect of the temperature on your body gives you a good dose of new energy. The senses are sharp. Those who use the sauna barrel in the morning start the day with positive fibes. Those who use the sauna bar at night will have a relaxed night.
Outdoor sauna at the holiday home in Drongen

Conclusion: use the sauna barrel in the summer as well: a very good idea for your body and soul!

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